Is Your Work Place A Smoke Free Environment?

Across the world more and more work environments are becoming “SMOKE FREE” including Bars, Restaurants and even Public Places.  This change has occurred due to the acceptance of the dangers of
cigarette smoke to the health of humans in general.

The operating theatre remains a “SMOKE ACCEPTABLE” environment due to the production of surgical smoke during the use of Diathermy (Electro) and Laser Surgery.  Worse: the plume produced during these procedures may be even worse than that from cigarettes.

Surgical plume contains similar Chemical Hazards to cigarette smoke including carcinogens such as: Benzene and Formaldehyde but it also contains the added hazards of infective virus and bacteria such as Hepatitis, Human Papilloma Virus and HIV.

These hazards can be greatly reduced by the use of a Smoke Evacuation System and the associated accessories.  In fact the use of smoke evacuation is a requirement of the ACORN Standards:

Standard 1994 “Guide to the safe use of lasers in Health Care”
Author: Standards Australia
Published: 1994, Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4173

Standard 2002 “Surgical Plume in the Operating Theatre”
Author:  Australian Council of Operating Room Nurses ACORN
Published: ACORN Standards 2002, Ref: A21, Current Issue: May 2002

The use of Smoke Evacuation Systems has been resisted for many years due to issues surrounding COST, NOISE, SIZE of EQUIPMENT and ACCESSORIES.  All of these issues have now been addressed and there is no further reason to risk your health or that of your staff.

The IPSES (In Pendant Smoke Evacuation System) developed and built in Australia in conjunction with Hunter New England Health and Cockatoo Blue Medical Products is:

    • this is no noise at all
    • the system is installed into the boom/pendant
    • a small filter box is integrated in the pendant or is remote (on a dedicated stand or under the diathermy machine)
    • A range of ergonomic diathermy accessories are now available from a number of suppliers which do not impede view or use during surgery

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