Is Your Work Place
A Smoke Free Environment?

Across the world more and more work environments are becoming “SMOKE FREE” including Bars, Restaurants and even Public Places. This change has occurred due to the acceptance of the dangers of cigarette smoke to the health of humans in general.
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Hazards of Surgical Smoke

Surgical smoke has been shown to contain a large number potential of Biological and Chemical hazards. It also reduces creates an offensive odour and reduces visibility for the surgical team. The plume contains Carcinogens, Poisons and Infective Virus and Bacteria.
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Cockatoo Blue Smoke Evacuation

Cockatoo Blue is based in Melbourne, Australia. The focus of the company is to manufacture and distribute Medical and Surgical products throughout Australia and New Zealand. Specialising in Smoke Evacuation our primary areas of manufacture are; cleanroom assembly of Procedure and First Aid Kits and the development and Assembly of In Boom Surgical Smoke Evacuation Systems for hospital operating theatres. Our primary areas of distribution are Contract Logistics and Distribution for major First Aid Kit Supplier, Contract Logistics and Distribution for Direct Sourcing Supplier – Origin Medical and Distribution and Export of IBSES – In Boom (Pendant) Smoke Evacuation System.

Cockatoo Blue has an agreement with Hunter New England Area Health to develop, manufacture and market their award winning smoke evacuation system. This system was in development and testing for over 2 years and has now been successfully released in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Cockatoo Blue’s ultimate goal is to develop a strong range of products for sale in the Australian / New Zealand markets and also for Export. We are actively seeking new ideas and technologies to lead us to that end.