3-3-2-cleanroom-min3-4-2-cleanroom-min3-1-2-cleanroom-min2-2-2-assembly-room-minCockatoo Blue our strategy is based around incredible service, accuracy and timely delivery.

  • Time Critical Services
    • Can’t wait 12 weeks to get your product from Asia
    • Cockatoo Blue can turn around runs quickly
  • Accuracy Critical Services
    • Cockatoo Blue has a Medical Device Pedigree accuracy imperative
    • Staff selected for intelligence, attention to detail & accuracy
  • Short Run Services
    • If you don’t need to make a MOQ of 10,000+
    • Cockatoo Blue can offer short run services
  • TGA & ISO Service
    • Cockatoo Blue have staff experienced in Both TGA and ISO requirements

EXPERIENCE – Product Types Manufactured
First Aid Kits
Marketing Packs
Defibrillator Bundles
Vehicle Valet Kits
Vehicle Warning Triangle Kits
Vehicle Glove Box Wallets
Surgical & Medical Custom Packs
Surgical Products
Assembly of Medical Equipment
Re-Packing Handwash
Re-Packing Retail Kits
Reworking Stock