Warehousing and DistributionThird Party Logistics

Cockatoo Blue offers a very high level of inventory certainty with exceptional results in pick accuracy and control of stock variance.
With a pedigree in sterile medical device manufacturing and distribution, careful stock handling and attention to detail are a priority in Cockatoo Blue’s Quality System and Business Processes.
To ensure continued quality of service Cockatoo Blue’s staff are selection for their intelligence, work ethic and attention to both detail and accuracy.

Warehouse Space Available650m²Container Destuffing OnsiteAvailable – 20ft High Cube
Warehouses2Contain Destuffing OffsiteAvailable -40 ft High Cube
Cleanroom – Class 35075m²Equipment ForkliftLinde 2.5 Tonne
Pallet Racking (Dexion) Spaces200+ (490m³)Equipment Walking Stacker2 x Crown
Heatsealing Machines2Heat Shrink Machines1